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Nellie is a restaurant located in Ormskirk. The restaurant is focused on providing an authentic and delicious dining experience for all customers to enjoy.

The Owner: The owner of Nellie wanted to do more than just serve food. He knew he could create an unforgettable experience for his customers by using high-quality tech and software that would run everything from order taking, all the way through management; so when it came time to make this decision, he had to make sure it was the right one for him and he wanted to use it from day one of opening his business. The perfect system? DineX by Vercle was what Nellie found - simple yet powerful, with great features that suit his needs, at an affordable price. It's helped him provide excellent service while still being able to take care of their daily tasks efficiently, saving him time and money!

Top 3 benefits for Nellie:
  • All-in-one epos system - streamlined and integrated with all restaurant functions for total control.
  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data with our powerful reporting tools.
  • Automated reservations management system integrated to fully automate online and offline bookings.

Top 3 System Features loved by Nellie:
  • Tableside ordering using tablets and mobiles.
  • Access to EPoS on a real-time basis, anytime, anywhere, and from any smart device.
  • Designated printers for Kitchen & Bar are located conveniently.

The Verdict: "I love technologies, my entire restaurant is built on the various tech that I have used in other professional services. I knew nothing about EPoS systems so I had to do a lot of research into finding the best one that does exactly what I need it for. After many demos from various companies, I came across DineX by Vercle, offering all the bells and whistles almost no other companies provided specifically for an Indian Restaurant. I must say I'm very happy with this system and would highly recommend it, especially for Indian Restaurant owners"


Rivazz8 is located in the heart of Astley, Rivazz8 is an Indian takeaway that offers delivery and collection. They focus on creating good customer relations while maintaining their food quality without having to rely on 3rd party food ordering portals.

The Owner: Shams, owner of Rivazz8 has been in the Indian food business for two decades. He never relied on 3rd party companies like Just Eat; as soon he bought his takeout restaurant and got rid of them all together with their commission-free online ordering system by Vercle and the marketing team helped him get back up again tripled his yearly revenue within six months! He was so impressed by the system, he decided to take on other products by Vercle such as the EPoS. The system is highly integrated with his online ordering platform and after introducing it into his business, front house staff has been reduced from four people down three on weekends - saving him time & money! Sceptical at first but now always embrace new technologies as well - even thinking about how Vercle's Kitchen Display System could help chefs work off screens rather than printed bills for more efficiency in future kitchens.

Top 3 benefits for Rivazz8:
  • Saving time and money by reducing staff - the system pays for itself!
  • Data collection from online and offline orders, helps them do more marketing and get more commission-free orders.
  • Youngsters and inexperienced workers are now able to effectively manage and work in the business as they are more tech-savvy and doesn't need to know the menu by heart to take orders.

Top 3 System Features loved by Rivazz8:
  • The customisation levels in kitchens are perfect for any back-of-house staff member. From auto-sort features to alternative item names, the variety of options really does make their life a lot easier during busy hours.
  • Caller ID is a lifesaver for the front house staff as it automatically picks up customer details when taking orders saving time and costly mistakes.
  • Multi-device taking online and offline orders at the same time while printing on one printer.

The Verdict: "I never wanted to use food portals and pay commission so getting my own online ordering was a no brainer and I am glad to have found Vercle. However, if someone told me about an EPoS 2 years ago, I would have said 'no' before they can even finish but ask me now I would say no business should open without an EPoS system; for me, Vercle is the best!"


With over 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Saddik Kamaly has found himself managing several different establishments. Just like many Restauranteers, he too relied on a paper diary and handwritten notes to keep track of reservations. He had been doing this for years, but he knew there must be a better way. Anything is always easier with some innovation and creativity!

When he did a bit of research and came across Resdoo by Vercle that does exactly what he wants, the decision was easy; he had to give it a try and the system exceeded his expectations. He's been able to save a lot of time, reduce errors and most importantly optimize his bookings so that he can increase covers. It was like a dream come true for him.

Top 3 benefits:
  • Reduce customer wait times and improve guest service.
  • Increase revenue by eliminating no-shows and bad reviews due to disorderly reservations.
  • No need to have a dedicated person for bookings as the system takes care of that all.

Top 3 System Features:
  • Online and Offline bookings are all in one place automatically optimised.
  • Booking Graph helps to plan & manage the daily operations much more efficiently.
  • Take booking on the mobile app anytime, anywhere!

The Verdict: "I was a bit sceptical about whether an automated system could manage my bookings, but once I implemented it in the business it worked really well. The best thing is being able to take reservations on my phone from my home when answering diverted calls - the system tells me if there are any tables left, there and then. I no longer had to make a note of it, come to the restaurant and ring the customer back to confirm the booking. It's a lifesaver!"

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